With its deep lakes and fast rivers, West Cumbria is host to a number of spectacular fishing destinations for every type of angler. With so much natural beauty to explore, it can be hard to choose the best places to fish or to experience the outdoors.

We created this website as a resource for those wanting to fish in West Cumbria. Nowhere else in the United Kingdom features the same diversity of game fish and natural habitat as our region and we want to share this amazing area with anglers from around the world.

Our expert articles will share local tips for successful fly fishing on rivers and lakes in pursuit of natural brown trout, Atlantic salmon and sea trout. We will share our favourite places to limit on rainbow trout and char. And, we will walk you through the best lures and flies to use while in West Cumbria.

As devoted anglers, we understand the importance of responsible land management and conservation. Our pages share national programmes designed to reduce loss of habitat and restore ecosystems damaged by agriculture and development.

We are knowledgeable about travel and accommodations in and around West Cumbria. We will let you know the easiest route and mode of transportation to take when visiting West Cumbria and the best places to stay once you get here.

For many of us fishing is more than a hobby. It is a passion and a way of life. If you share this enthusiasm for angling, this site is for you.