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Traveling to Cumbria for a Fishing Holiday

Lured by beautiful scenery and abundant fishing destinations, thousands of anglers flock to West Cumbria every year. It is easily accessible by train, coach, car, and plane. No matter where you are coming from in the UK,

The Trophy Fish of West Cumbria

The rivers and lakes of Cumbria boast a wide variety of fish species but a few stand out to fishermen as prize catches on fly or lure. These four fish continue to attract anglers from around the

The Top Ten Flies for Atlantic Salmon

Fly fishing for Atlantic salmon can be difficult in freshwater. Keep in mind, once the salmon leaves the ocean, it stops feeding. They can be taken on a fly but it requires expert presentation and the right

The River Ehen: A European Special Area of Conservation

The next time you come to the River Ehen to take advantage of its spectacular Atlantic salmon run you may notice a few changes. Along the 27 km river, several projects have been started in an effort

Fly Fishing versus Spin Casting

If you are new to fishing there is a question you must answer before getting started. Will you be a fly fishermen or use spinning gear? The debate over which is better has raged for decades with

Five Tips to Catch Fish From the Bank

Many anglers think if they do not have a boat they cannot catch the biggest fish in the lake or river. This is not true. Many large fish feed near the bank where more food sources are