Five Tips to Catch Fish From the Bank

Many anglers think if they do not have a boat they cannot catch the biggest fish in the lake or river. This is not true. Many large fish feed near the bank where more food sources are available. Catching them requires skill, but with these tips you can bag a trophy from anywhere on the bank.

1. Be Choosy

After a long drive, it is tempting to cast from the first spot you see. You will have better results if you take your time and choose the most promising location to set up your gear. From the bank, you should be able to see where prime habitat exists under the water. Submerged structures and tall grasses are particularly good places to find large fish.

2. Be Sneaky

Just as you can see the fish just under the surface, they can see you. Once you have chosen your spot, stay low and watch where your shadow falls. Spooking the fish in your area makes no sense, especially when it is easy to avoid.

3. Work the Shoreline

Many anglers cast directly into a Stillwater as far as their lure will fly. Consider casting parallel to the bank instead. This pattern will take advantage of the natural habitat of the fish’s prey. Even large fish can be found close to the shore if that is where their food is.

4. Match the Hatch

If the fish in your lake feed on 2 cm minnows don’t try to catch them with a 5 cm lure. Lures and flies are supposed to mimic the food source of the fish you are trying to catch. Obvious mismatches will go unrewarded by suspicious fish. Taking the time to understand what is naturally available will let you make good choices when you select your gear for the day.

5. Be Mobile

Don’t be afraid to move if you are not catching fish. Pack light so you are mobile and can move positions easily. Fishing is a game of trial and error. Your location is no different.