Fly Fishing versus Spin Casting

If you are new to fishing there is a question you must answer before getting started. Will you be a fly fishermen or use spinning gear? The debate over which is better has raged for decades with no clear winner being decided. Here are the basics of both, to help you decide which style is best for you.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is an art. Most anglers who prefer this style enjoy the challenge it provides. In fly fishing, fish are fooled into believing they are striking real insects. The flies are intricate and mimic real creatures almost exactly.

Learning to fly fish is not easy. The equipment used is not forgiving and gives an angler little mechanical advantage. The rods are flexible and lightweight, perfect for false casting techniques used to cast the light flies accurately and stealthily. Fly reels are simple. Designed without a bail, they only serve to hold and retrieve the line, which is also light.

The advantages of fly fishing are many. This technique allows for upstream presentation and allows the fly to enter the water as an insect would. Fly casting also allows for fishing in tighter quarters such as near banks and logs.

Spin Casting

Spin casting utilizes heavier lures which mimic baitfish or invertebrates. Retrieving the lure with a spinning reel produces action similar to a fish moving through the water. The equipment is heavier and the techniques less precise.

Many anglers prefer spin casting because the learning curve is less steep. Almost anyone can cast and receive a lure after only a few minutes of instruction. Spin casters can reach fish at any depth and have a remarkable range with long casts of heavy lures. They also can take heavier fish on a more durable line.

There is no clear choice as to which technique is superior. Both will catch fish. The answer depends on the style of fishing you prefer. Fly fishing is for those who crave a challenge and don’t mind practicing for years before becoming proficient. Spin casters want results more quickly.